Robin’s Randoms: Girls That Have Captured My (Writing) Fancy

I have quite a few untapped heroines in my future.  They are either half finished, or they lost their mojo part way into their WIP, but someday they’ll flesh themselves out and be the focus of their own story.

1. Klepto-girl: I wrote a few chapters that I loved and then the story went nowhere fast.  What was the focus?  She stole because… why?  Was she a bully, a kleptomaniac, was it just a phase?  The scenes were cool, I thought, but I never figured out what her back story was, so I went on to something else.

2. Rocker girl: This girl was the daughter of a washed up rock star.  I got into this and then I realized I didn’t like half the characters.  It needed too much of my time for repair, so I moved on to another WIP.  I still love the idea I started with, but I need nicer people.

3. Dream state girl: I have a series idea that I really want to write NOW.  That’s a problem because I’m writing something else, but that what happens when I write: writing generates writing, ideas generate ideas.  This story is a paranormal, I guess.  She learns things from the dream states she falls into.  This is good and bad.

4. Sister 1: This story, LSH, is yet another WIP.  It’s about a sister–which sister is still a question mark.  While I think it can be about their relationship and not one girl’s story, I feel like it would be stronger if it was told by just one of them.  One is older and a bit of a golden child.  Sound cliché?  That’s why I stopped.

5. Sister 2: I told LSH from the little sister’s POV because it was more interesting, but I didn’t want her to be bad.  Did I say cliché?  But it seemed cliché no matter what I did so I stopped.  Now, as I write this, I have another idea: they both tell the story and it centers around a specific event that they see, but from different points of view—much like real life.




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2 responses to “Robin’s Randoms: Girls That Have Captured My (Writing) Fancy

  1. R-

    I’m having the same issues with my own set of sisters–Golden Child vs. Funner Child to Write.

    I love having similar writing angsts!


  2. Robin

    Sometimes I think this is my writing angst support group!

    Hi, my name is Robin, and I have a problem with too many cliches in my writing…

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