Susan’s Randoms: The Heroines Hanging Out in My Brain

This week, I’ve been trying to flesh out a new heroine for my WIP–Lane “Don’t Call Me Laney” Anderson. As I wrestle with making her character match her motivations and actions, I think about some of the other heroines I’ve wrestled with and that are waiting for me to get back to them when I’m ready to Frankenstein ’em to life.

1) No-Nonsense Chick. I’d love to write about a heroine who has the brains of Hermione, the moves of Buffy, and the arms of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 as she leads her class to defend themselves (a la Buffy against the Mayor or Patrick Swayze et al in Red Dawn).

2) I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Ghosts Chick. I would love to write about a heroine who isn’t scared of the ghosts she can see everywhere, a la Anita Blake in the Laurell K. Hamilton vampire series. The twist? Don’t know yet. That’s why I haven’t written her yet. ;o)

3) Mean Girls Chick. I would love, love, LOVE to write an anti-hero, like a girl bully who starts seeing the error of her ways, a la Crash in Jerry Spinelli’s Crash. After all, a bully has a backstory, too.

4) I May Boil Your Rabbit Chick. I would love to write about revenge, a la John Tucker Must Die. C’mon, how many high school girls do you know who would like to make a boy or two pay for standing them up/not calling/hitting on them to get to their best friend.

5) Damsel in Distress Chick. I would love to write a character like Bella in Twilight. The damsel in distress has a place in literature; you’ve just gotta make sure you got a sympethetic, motivated DID. And when you do? You, too, can be a bajillionaire like Stephenie Meyer.



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