Robin’s Randoms: Time-Sucked & Dried-Up

Scared?  Try freaked out.  Here are my favorite five freak-outs for a Friday.

1. Time: Life isn’t always the way I plan it, so I don’t get in the time I want and need for my book.  I long for the days when I had the big blocks of time with my story, and the room to spread the chapters out on the floor.  It’s hard for me to accept that the times have changed and I need to adjust.  I guess I’m scared of the that time-sucking monster.

2. The Zone: I love the feeling of being in the zone.  Or the flow.  Or riding the wave.  Whatever you call it, it’s the sensation of being so in the story that you lose track of time (in a good way) and you know you’ve been somewhere else.  I fear not having that experience because I know that it’s key to good story making.

3. Reviews: I can only do one thing to make good reviews happen.  I can write the best book I can, but I can’t control the reviews.  It’s scary knowing that they matter.

4. The Big House: With editors and houses in flux, I worry.  Will my house be okay?   Should I call my editor?

5. Drying up and blowing away: I have ideas, but I’m not always where I can write them down. When I do get the time to act on them will they be there?  If I don’t use them right off will they dry up and blow away?



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