Amanda’s Randoms: Fear and Loathing in the Publishing World

There are many writerly things that haunt me at night—and in the morning—and in the afternoon.

1. But this isn’t what I thought it was going to be??? I’ll echo everyone’s fears about completing a book bought on a synopsis—or with two of my upcoming books—a paragraph. Total nightmare inducing fear! I had a close call with my last book. I had a very clear idea where it was going from the get go, but when my editor read the first draft she expressed concern that the focus wasn’t on the love triangle but another aspect. Eek! She read the synopsis and first pages and thought it was going one way, while I had always planned for it to go the other way. It worked out in the end, but it just sets the stage for more panic.

2. Looks can be deceiving: I worry that the cover for my next book, DEVOURED, doesn’t match up with what’s inside. It’s by far my absolute favorite cover, but does the romance implied on the outside match the ghost story/murder inside?

3. Twilight Fans: Some Twilight fans scare me. I had one read UNINVITED and she was so bothered by it that she got online and warned Twilight lovers not to read it because I “killed the vampire.” Um, I didn’t realize all vampire novels had to be romances. I never set out to make UNINVITED one, and if you read the back cover it pretty much clues you into what kind of a story it is—troubled teen fighting her inner demons. Now I love a paranormal romance as much as anyone, but do all paranormal books have to end with undying love? Isn’t there room for other kinds of stories? When UNINVITED came out I joked with my friends that it should come with a sticker that says “not a romance.” Apparently that was something I should’ve looked into.

4. Big Chains: Not having the big book store chains stock my books scares me. So far so good, but I know tons of authors who aren’t getting in and with each book coming out the fear starts all over again.

5. Meeting Deadlines: I have three more books to write this year—two of them for a new editor. Will I stay focused? Be creative? Knock her socks off? I’m scared!




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3 responses to “Amanda’s Randoms: Fear and Loathing in the Publishing World

  1. Twilight fans need to calm down about the vamp romances! I’ll say one thing for S. Meyer…she sure did build a dedicated–if fanatic–bunch of readers! The big chains not stocking as many hardcovers is definitely scary.

  2. Man, having a fan base “warn” people about a book that doesn’t fulfill their expectations is *terrifying.*

    I don’t mind when covers and stories don’t match up. I usually feel that way about paranormal romances that lean more into UF — they have romance covers, but a lot more meat in the story. Or with the YA I just finished, the main character constantly describes herself as “plump,” and the girl on the cover is quite normally proportioned. Once I get my brain around the difference, though, it doesn’t stall me out as a reader.

  3. Amanda Marrone

    Yeah, Alana, it is a little scary! Covers are funny–my first had a window that wasn’t like the window in the book. It freaked me out, but my then agent reminded me that it was symbolic. With my new cover I worry it screams romance and not murder/ghost story. I do love the cover though and added the dress the model is wearing in a scene in the book so readers won’t wonder “Why is she wearing that dress on the cover, but not in the book?”

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