Angie’s Randoms: Head Colds and Huntsmen

You want Random, I’ll give you Random. My mind simply can’t stay on target this week.

1. Team Castle. By now, you’ve probably heard of the group of YA authors, including Carrie Ryan (, who have all rented an Irish castle and flown off to write, explore, and generally have fun. Jealous!!! So very, very jealous. I have decided to be off on an awesome writing retreat when my book is released.

2. Sick Head. I can’t breathe, or speak, or do anything really. I’m sooooo sick, and it’s making me just want to sleep.

3. Tissues. I can’t find a great brand of tissues. Either they are too harsh, or too oily with lotion, or perfumed. Suggestions??

4. Branching Out. I’ve started reading an adult paranormal/fantasy with an angel disguised as a human as the MC. While it’s okay, I find myself missing the YA element immensely. And the writing is ‘meh.’

5. My WIP. It’s been a slow few weeks with this new novel. My Huntsman was so in the front of my mind for so long, and now he’s kind of disappeared. I want him back. I want to write and I want to write right now!




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2 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: Head Colds and Huntsmen

  1. A-

    You’ve tried Puffs and it’s too oily? I swear by those suckers.


  2. Yup, too oily. I always breakout on my nose after using those!

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