Susan’s Randoms: Coveting, Copywriters, and (In)Continence

This week, my mind’s a little scattered as I try to work on character sheets for a WIP, finish filling out a labor-intensive author questionnaire for the Dutton publicity department, and read through pages for CASHING IN (which are beautifully laid out and come in at 300+ pages). So bear with me as I randomize:

1) I’m glad I put my copyeditors through hell. Well, not really since I believe in karma and dung beetles and all, but I sure am glad I gave my final draft a major facelift before it was sent back to NYC in February. The pages are reading really well and I’m not having nightmares anymore that Dutton wants its advance back.

2) New Moon is starting to film and that means lots of paparazzi pictures of the Twilight gang as they mozy around Vancouver. Can I say I’m obsessed with this series, even the not-even-one-tenth-as-good-as-the-books movies? These books make me ache to write a hero that resonates as much as Edward. (Jacob? Bluck.)

3) One of my favorite writers, Sarah Dessen, has already been nominated for some prize for a book that hasn’t even come out yet (Along for the Ride, June 2009). Can I say jealous? Like, I totally want that charm Faith got from the Mayor so she could switch bodies with Buffy. Just for a minute, to know what it feels like to have people clamoring to give you awards months in advance, they’re that excited about your book.

4) Speaking of favorite authors and awards…Laurie Halse Anderson’s book, Wintergirls, comes out March 17. I’m peeing a little right now, I’m so excited. Although, truth be told, the cashiers at Hannaford already think I have an incontinence problem. They see me buying Poise, which are these off-brand incontinence pads that I use in my daughter’s diaper (she’s a little peeing machine at night). Luckily, I’m secure with who I am. Apparently, an incontinent Twilighter with coveting issues.

5) I’m excited/nervous about a library visit that’s coming up. I’m going down to Massachusetts to talk to a reading group who read BLACK TUESDAY for their monthly book. I’m hoping more than me shows up (that happened once before). If it does, I guess I’m a shoe-in for winning the basket of goodies I’m bringing. Score!



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