Robin’s Randoms: Rob Pattinson, Blue Light Special?

This week we’re casting our books.  It’s kind of like a shopping spree where everything fits and it’s all for free.  When I write I usually have a face for my main character, but I purposefully find a model or actress I don’t know.  Often the sidekicks and minor characters are real people.  Yes, they’re played by friends and family.  Who better to lend support?

1. Buried’s main character, Claudine:  I see two different possibilities. Claude’s not beautiful, but she’s not an ugly duckling.  It’s just not the issue in this story.  I see Dakota Fanning doing an incredible job as Claude, now that she’s a teen.  And Robin Wright Penn IS Claude’s mother, Serena.  Wow, she’d be great.  RWP can go from ratty to beautiful without blinking.  What a talent.  I could also see Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts as the mother daughter team…

2. Matt, Claudine’s almost boyfriend:  Someone dark haired and brooding, someone like James Franco, but younger.
Someone like Adam Brody, but younger.  Robert Pattinson, the handsome vampire?

3. Serena’s boyfriend Linwood:  Linwood’s a little bit dangerous, and he’s so edgy, yet so many people love him and wanted more of him. I’m thinking Sean Penn.  SP would be so great in the climactic scene in the rain.

4. Snapshot’s main character, Kendra:  Kendra’s pretty, but doesn’t know it. Kristen Stewart would be a good one to play Kendra low key.  And you know what’s funny?  I always pictured the girl from Speak, (the movie) as Claudine and then as Kendra, and you know what?  She’s Kristen Stewart!

Whadda kawinkydink 😉

5. Kendra’s parents:  He thinks he’s all that and he is. In real life he is someone I know and that has fueled my work.  He screwed over a friend and he’s handsome and confident.  Who can pull that off?  Her mom would be played by someone who could go from mild mannered housewife to rising star.  Catherine Keener, I think.  Because I don’t have a picture of the real schmuck—not for the public to see—I hung up a picture of Ed Burns.  They could be brothers, so it works for me.



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  1. Amanda Marrone

    It’ll be interesting to see if Robert Patterson can break out of the Edward mold. I haven’t seen Twilight, but I thought he was way more attractive as Cedrick Diggory. A lot of the Twilight pictures look unnatural, but I suppose that’s the point–he’s undead. William Radcliff is having success doing things not related to Harry, so I suppose Robert can, too.

    Hmmm-I wonder if I should look at the Harry Potter cast to find my Luke. Oh, you can have Dakota for your movie after she makes mine. : )

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