Amanda’s Randoms: Lights, Camera, Action!

Blogger, Arya Darcy, interviewed me last week and asked: Who would you cast for your main characters, if Devoured was made into a movie? I immediately knew who the main character would be—Miranda Cosgrove. I see her every day on TV as my kids and I are huge fans of her show, and hands down Miranda is my main character Megan.  Casting the rest of characters took a little more thought, research, and an embarrassing Tiger Beat and J-14 magazine purchases from my local bookstore.

1. Megan: Haunted by her dead twin and thrown into a supernatural love triangle—hired to dress up as Snow White at the Land of Enchantment amusement park.

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2. Nicki: Megan’s snarky feminist, Broadway-bound best friend. I was thinking Ellen Page at first—she’s proved she could do snark in Juno—but Jennette McCurdy who stars with Miranda on iCarly proves night after night she’d be perfect for Nicki’s one-liners. Plus the two girls have play off each other so well. Hmmm—maybe putting them together would make it too hard to see them as new characters. I’ll let the casting director make the final decision.

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3. Ari: Daughter of Megan’s new employer—the owner of a small New England Amusement Park call Land of Enchantment—and descendent of Snow White, who it will be revealed did not get her happily-ever-after. Dakota Fanning has a sweet innocence about her, but looks like she could turn on a dime and play the bitch—perfect for Ari.

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4. Ryan: Megan’s new boyfriend who comes with his own groupie—his best friend Samantha, who’s sporting a not so secret crush. Dustin Milligan—he’s cute and looks like he could be a bit clueless as to why hanging out with Samantha is not good for his relationship with Megan.

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5. Let the nationwide search begin! I’ve scoured the Internet, flipped through Tiger Beat six times, and I can’t find the perfect Luke or Samantha. Any ideas?

Luke: Tall, dark and handsome artist who just happens to be a ghost magnet—perfect for helping Megan deal with her twin sister, Remy, who’s haunting her. Not so perfect for Megan’s relationship with Ryan—or Ari who’s hoping Luke will be her Prince Charming.

Samantha Lee Darling: Overly perky with a child-like innocence, and head over heels in love with Ryan—too bad he dating Megan.


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  1. Hey, Dustin Milligan is going to be in MY movie. Hands off! (And I, too, cast him for the cluelessness exuding from his boyish good looks.)

    Great minds…


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