Angie’s Randoms: And the Oscar goes to…

Ha. Right. Daydreaming about who would be cast as my protagonists/antagonists should Michael Bay, Ridley Scott, or say, Steven Spielberg ever choose to make a film version of my books is fun. Unrealistic, but fun.

1. Camille Rowen. My protagonist from EVERLASTING would most definitely need to be played by Megan Fox of Transformers fame. Hot, spunky, and raven-haired, Megan Fox could carry off all the action, adventure, and romance in the novel.

2. Oscar Kildare. My hunky hero from EVERLASTING would need to be a younger version of Jason Statham of The Transporter and The Italian Job fame. Seriously, could we just pretend he’s 19 for a moment? *cue the angels singing*

3. Stuart McGreenery. Jason Isaacs is everything I envisioned while creating my antagonist in EVERLASTING, and would play Stuart McGreenery oh so well. He’s cold and nice to look at and, oh, look! He even has a little cleft in his chin like McGreenery!

4. Suzanna Snow. This is the 13-year-old protagonist from my middle grade mystery series (official announcements will be forthcoming, I promise!). If Abigail Breslin is too busy to play Zanna, then her Kit Kittredge co-star Madison Davenport would be a fine fit as well.

5. Tobin Gale. Tobin is my “in-production” protagonist for THE HUNTSMAN, a novel loosely based on what happened to the Huntsman from the tale of Snow White. After doing much research, I must say Justin Chatwin of the very cool movie The Invisible would play an excellent tormented Huntsman. Of course, if Tyson Ritter, the lead singer of All American Rejects, ever wanted the role, I suppose he could have it.



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  1. Amanda Marrone

    Can’t wait to hear more about your mystery series!! I looked into Justin Chatwin for my Luke, but in the end he remains uncast.

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