Angie’s Randoms: Question Crazy

Random questions have been bugging me all week—most of which I don’t know the answers to. Feel free to weigh in!

1) How does a book build buzz? Does a book’s marketing team do this, or does the writer? How much buzz can a writer actually build for his/her own book? Personally, I think it happens through other forces. For example, Carrie Ryan’s book THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH built some major buzz after her book trailer was released.

2) What happens when a cover sucks? Or when it just doesn’t live up to one’s expectations. The cover is, admittedly, one of the things I am most excited about. Should it be? Probably not. But as a reader who picks up books with cool/pretty/appealing covers, and glances over lesser covers, I’m worried what I will do if my cover doesn’t meet my (high) expectations. I know, I know…I have no control over it, so why worry?

3) Big advances versus normal advances. Which is better? Big advances are fun and exciting and provide well for struggling writers, but they also mean more stress when it comes to earning it back. More normal advances are easier to earn back, but mean only one or two house splurges or renovations, or a vacation or something. Which would you rather have?

4) Do I have the ability to write Regency romance? After reading Sarah MacLean’s THE SEASON and adoring it, I had the sudden urge to jump on the Regency bandwagon. But could I? I think I’d need some paranormal or magical element to my romance novel, with fewer social elites and more commoners. I’m onto something….

5) When is the Dominican Republic going to arrive? OK, I know I need to go to it, and that it isn’t going to come to me, but really, I’m ready for my vacation now. My best friend and I are on our way in April for a short week of relaxation, pampering, food, fruity drinks, and hours spent under the sun reading. Bliss!




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3 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: Question Crazy

  1. A-

    1) In the new issue of Writer’s Digest, James Patterson wrote this for building book buzz: “Write the next book.” And then there’s always

    2) C’est la friggin’ vie.

    3) Did you know the industry average for an advance is $5000? If you’re into no stress, ask your agent to get you this amount next time. :o)

    4) You can write anything you set your mind to, darlin’.

    5) The DR better not come here, or we’ve got a lot bigger things to worry about than craptastic book covers.


  2. Robin Warrior Novelist

    I love that.

    C’est la friggin’ vie.

  3. Amanda Marrone

    Is it really $5000.oo still? Although with the economy I could see that being a good number for the publisher.

    When we got my last offer they wouldn’t budge AT ALL. We were fine with it, but this is the first time they wouldn’t move at least a little.

    Also, Maggie whom we interviewed and she did a guest stint here just got a new cover for her first book and I have to say it’s a big improvement.

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