Robin’s Randoms: Dust Bunnies, Faith & Losing It

This week we’re talking about random randoms and that’s just fine with me.  I’m on school vacation and plowing through SNAPSHOT.  But every so often I have a random moment.  Here are the 5 most common:

1) Coffee, where’s my coffee? If my brain freezes or a bird flies by the window and I’m distracted I need a sip of coffee to get back on track.  If it’s gotten cold I have to warm it up, and if it’s gone, well, then I need to make fresh pot.  Or tea, if it’s after lunch.

2) My new skis… I just bought new skis, boots, helmet, goggles, and poles.  I haven’t had new equipment since Santa gave me new skis when I was 15.  I’m 49.  I don’t feel the least bit guilty for buying new equipment.  I feel giddy, like I’m 15 and I want to go skiing.  NOW.

3) Should I take a break and vacuum? No.  (That was a VERY random, and fleeting thought, but every time I go up to the bathroom I notice the dust bunnies on the stairs.)

4) Faith and Hope: These two characters from a possible book keep popping into my head when I’m writing Snapshot.  My only solution is to have Stickies open so I can jot down ideas when they start yakking in my head.

5) I love my iPod Touch:
I’m currently on my last diet again.  (That’s no secret since it was a New Year Random;-) I have a favorite app called Lose It and I am constantly playing with it and logging calories and exercise and canceling out the odd cracker I snuck.  As my sister says, “We’re finally applying real life math skills!”




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4 responses to “Robin’s Randoms: Dust Bunnies, Faith & Losing It

  1. Robin

    OMG, I sound like an idiot.

  2. R-

    No you don’t. You sound random. This is SO the blog for you.

    Now go enjoy those skis and your iPod Touch (the music, not that crazy-sounding program) and thinking about Faith and Hope…


  3. Robin Warrior Novelist

    I was feeling a little random so I decided to check in here–between pots of coffee… and logging cookies and crackers… and looking at the pretty blue sky.

    I have a lump in my throat. You are so sweet. Thanks.

    (Going skiing Saturday!)

  4. Amanda Marrone

    When I get new voices I usually have to write a chapter or a synopsis or even a blurb to get them to quiet down. It’s like they feel like they’ll stay real if I get at least a little something down and then they can quiet down.

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