Susan’s Randoms: Writing Tids and Bits

This week’s another randomest of randoms installment. Hey, how do you think we got our name?

1) Rereading the Twilight series to see, how again, Stephenie created such a powerful romance. Still skip the Jacob parts (read New Moon in an hour–woohoo!).

2) Doing some messy writing right now to figure out a character. I feel I’m in good company, considering what this demi-god of YA had to say about it.

3) Been scanning through Google images to figure out what my new character and her sister look like. I’m thinking Katherine Heigl, the brunette years.

4) Got to write a blurb this week for the sales people at Dutton. My publisher wanted a behind-the-scenes, “what influenced this story” tidbit. I was more than happy to go all writer nerd on them!

5) Am getting excited about publicizing CASHING IN (November 2009 people!). This year, I won’t be giving birth two weeks after my pub date, obliterating all good intentions and making me sit idly by as I adjusted to new mommyhood and mommy brain (“Wha? Huh? I have a book? Fire pretty.”).



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