Susan’s Randoms: Being a Writer Rocks

Due to this being Valentine’s week and all, we thought we’d talk about what we loved about being a writer.

1) I get to watch crap and call it research. And TLC is my crack dealer. First, it was the documentaries on lottery winners (you’ll be seeing some of that research in CASHING IN), and now it’s Toddlers and Tiaras (for a story idea that’s percolating now). I hope one day, TLC will air Women Who Love Serial Killers and Didn’t Know They Were Serial Killers. Those women scare/fascinate me.

2) Writing helps we work out issues–and no small animals are hurt in the making of these scenes (not even fictional ones, I promise). Making characters annoyed at each other is a constant of mine, and boy, do I feel great after I write those scenes!

3) I get to talk books, nonstop, to anyone I corner. And for the most part, people love hearing about plot issues and publishing world news  and rewriting the rewrites. Especially the rewrites. Everyone seems to think you sit down, you type, you edit the misspellings, and then you send it off. I WISH!

4) I get fan mail. That’s just so freakin’ cool.

5) My job’s better than everyone else’s. There was a report that came out last year stating writers experience the most job satisfaction, only after actors/singers. But you know what? I much rather be #2 than a familiar face at Betty Ford.




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3 responses to “Susan’s Randoms: Being a Writer Rocks

  1. Fan mail *would* rock. I want to hear a snippet of one of the letters!!

  2. Amanda Marrone

    Fan mail does rock! In January two teens interviewed me for language arts projects–it was surreal. Thank goodness, though, because the both complained I didn’t have a website, which prompted hubby to finally get it done!

  3. Angie–You’ll get your very fair share next year.

    Amanda–I love when outside factors make the hubby get off his duff!


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