Angie’s Randoms: All Over the Place

This week, I’m feeling scattered over four different writing projects. Pulled one way, then the other, yadda yadda yadda. I’m ready to just crawl in bed and hide until LOST comes on tonight and I can lose myself in the glory that is Sawyer.

1) Major self-doubt. No, I don’t even have revision notes yet, but I’m already freaking out about how EVERLASTING will be received. I want people to like it—even love it! I understand plenty of people won’t, and I know bad or “meh” reviews are bound to happen. I’m just terrified of it being overlooked. How do first time authors keep their sanity in the months leading up to publication??

2) Egyptian Hieroglyphs 101. I have a passage in book #2 that needs to be translated into Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I bought a book to help me do this, and so far, it’s sooooooo hard. Should I just wait and see if there are any Egyptologists on staff at Scholastic? Ha.

3) Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. My first middle grade book is with editors, and I am waiting, waiting, waiting for updates. Wish I could say more, but alas, cannot. I can, however, accept all the good vibes you are willing to send my way!

4) New WIP. I blogged about my February goal the other day: finishing the rough draft of my newest WIP. I want to work on it every minute I’m awake, and yet all the other things like children, freelance, eating, showering, etc…seem to be getting in the way. These characters and their conflicts are so alive, I want to get them all into a Word document as soon as possible.

5) Random Thought. Because I’m scattered, of course, and can’t think of a final point, I’ll just say how disappointed I am that I cannot seem to get hooked on the novel, LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA. Seriously, I’d heard of its greatness, and wanted to love it and feel in the know. But IMO, it is wretchedly boring. I’m giving up and moving on to THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE. Crossing my fingers…




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2 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: All Over the Place

  1. A-

    Enjoy this time, the “What if” time when the world is open to possibilities (i.e., a four-star review in People, three Angie Frazier fan clubs, two producers fighting to option your book).



  2. I want those things!!! It is a very nice time to dream big 🙂

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