Robin’s Randoms: Believing It Would Happen

It’s nice remembering the things that helped me through my pre-published days.  I am surprised to find that some of these things can help me now during my midwinter slump.

1. I loved my story. It never felt like a job when I was writing my first (still unpublished) book.  I looked forward to getting together with my characters and writing their story.

2. I totally believed it was just a matter of time. Call it naivety, inexperience, ignorance, or all of the above; I believed I would be published.  I saw myself published.

3. I saw something positive in every rejection. Even if the editor or agent didn’t say anything nice I tried to turn it into something positive.  For instance, if I got a rejection with a comment, I said either, “I can see what they mean.  I’ll consider that.”  But more importantly, if the rejection was a form letter, or had a nasty comment which one did, I said “Oh, well” and moved on to the next query, the next course, or the current WIP.

4. I believed in the experts. Speaking of courses, I don’t think I’d be published if I didn’t look to those who have gone before me for advice and knowledge.  I went to the workshops, read good books, and I took a few really good courses.  I don’t have a masters in fine arts, but I know the value of education and I still have a lot to learn.

5. I didn’t take no for an answer. When an editor showed interest, I stuck to her like glue.  She initially liked my story and then decided to pass on it, but I loved what she had said in her notes.  She made sense and I couldn’t–wouldn’t let her go without trying to learn more.  We began a dialogue and she eventually agreed to read my story again after some revisions.  If I’d been insulted or angry about the initial rejection I wouldn’t have gotten published with that house.



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  1. Laura

    Hi Robin!
    Thanks for the positive spin… I really needed some positive energy as I dive back into this story! : )

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