Angie’s Randoms: Middle of Nowhere

Mushy Middles seems like a great theme this week, considering I’m currently trying to thin out my sequel’s bloated midsection.

1) Setting. The middle of my novel is set aboard a ship—a three-month sea voyage does not give the characters much room to move around. Things were starting to feel a bit static, so I developed a way to get my protagonist off the ship and into another landscape—oh, paranormal magic, how do I love thee!

2) Information. Things are turning complex, and I’m struggling to find the right way to dole out integral information. How much is too much? Too little? I want to make sure things fall into place at a believable pace.

3) Romance. I’m finding romance is a stronger theme in this second book—and there’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion! But I want to be sure it’s not TOO large a theme. These characters are stuck on a ship, so what, they kiss all the time? I need some more intrigue…

4) Action. There is only one true action scene in my saggy middle so far, and I want to add some more. Yes, again, I’m going to use paranormal magic as an outlet.

5) Distance. What I really need right now, is some distance from this WIP. Once I move away from it, I’ll be able to come back later and see just how many inches of fat I need to trim, and the muscle I need to keep.



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