Amanda’s Randoms: Extreme Multi-Tasking

While my book-funded farm is many years off, in the here and now, writing project mania is pulling me in all directions.

1) Revisions: I’m working on revising the first book in my middle grade series. The challenge here is that while the plot will basically remain the same, I have to fit in school scenes that weren’t in the original story without breaking the flow. I’m finding it tricky figuring out where to add the new scenes and characters within a story I’ve worked on so long I practically know it by heart.

2) Completed manuscript or partial? After finishing Devoured I really wanted to skip the partial route for my next YA and take my time lovingly completing a manuscript and then trying to sell it. My wonderful agent supported my decision, but my husband questioned how serious I was about this writing stuff. (Yes, he doesn’t get it. Writing a novel is not the same as showing up for work everyday. I truly wish it were.) To keep the peace, I jotted a few ideas and sent them to my editor to see if any of them interested her. Thing is, I’m still torn. Yes, it would be fabulous if my editor wanted to buy one of my ideas, but Plan A sounded less stressful. So now I find myself working on the first chapters of two different YA books while revising the middle grade.

3) Sequels: I’m also toying with a sequel to the picture book my agent is shopping around. Yes, I am fully aware that working on a sequel to a book that isn’t sold is not the best use of my time, but the characters are talking to me. Frankly, the voices from four different books fighting it out in my head are making me dizzy!

4) Don’t forget us! Adding to the confusion are the next two books I have to write for the series. Books two and three are starting to add to the clutter in my head as new characters and plot points are bandied about.

5) Copy-edits: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to getting my Devoured copy-edits. I’ll have no choice but to focus on one thing and maybe get some rest from all the people living in my head.



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