Robin’s Randoms: Nine Below Zero and Numb (But not that kind of Numb)

Last week I got pretty excited envisioning myself effortlessly writing best sellers in the near future, but the reality is this:

1) I’m a teacher and some days I feel like the life has been sucked out of me. It’s hard to be creative when I’m numb with exhaustion.

2) I’m a mother and mothering has its moments. Some moments are trying and some are so beautiful I never want them to end.  Both deserve my attention and so they get it.  Balance, Robin, balance…

3) Housekeeping.
Notice I didn’t say I’m a housekeeper.  I do keep a house, but I think the problem is that I don’t keep an organized house and I’m always trying to find ways to improve things.  It shouldn’t have anything to do with my current WIP.  Solution: ignore the mess.

4) I’m being assaulted by uninvited characters. Like the rest of the Randoms, new characters and ideas intrude when I’m supposed to be working on my current project.  Current means due in June, so my solution is to write my ideas on my Stickies page, but then obsess that my computer will crash and I’ll lose my ideas, so I back it all up on my flash drive.  I could go on, but you get the idea.  Oh, the drama…

5) I like my playtime and if it weren’t 9 degrees below zero I’d go skiing on this three-day winter weekend.
I guess it’s good that it’s frigid and I need to stay home and tend the wood stove.  But then there’s next weekend and the slopes are calling me.  (Cue The Sound of Music music) The hills are alive…



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