Angie’s Randoms: What Ifs and a Lack of Buzz

My brain has reached its limit week with self-imposed revisions and writing my new WIP. I feel completely tapped out, and basically just want to snuggle on the couch under a blanket with the YA book I’m reading, LAMENT by Maggie Stiefvater. Even when I’m reading though, my mind drifts back to the problems plaguing me lately.

1) Will I ever figure this book out? I wrote 120,000 words, revised down to 103,000, and I still don’t feel like it’s “complete.” I know I just need to find the theme/plotline that solidifies the book (and makes it shorter), but it is slow coming.

2) Have my editor and agent completely forgotten me?
Okay, okay, it’s only been a week since I heard from my awesome agent, but I’m simply drooling for any tidbit of information he can pass on about when my editor’s notes for EVERLASTING will be arriving. Patience is sooooo hard.

3) How do I tell this new story?
With my new WIP, I can’t decide on telling it first-person single POV, or first-person with 2 alternating POVs, or even something different. I don’t want to end up with a complete draft and need to go back and change everything (again!).

4) Will my book ever get any buzz? Actually, I guess I should just concentrate first on getting revision notes. But man, I get so envious of other 2010 debut authors who have their release dates and buzz for their books already!

5) What if, what if, what if. There are way too many “what if” questions filling my head lately, and none of them ever lead anywhere fun. I’m attributing them to the mid-winter blues, and a head cold. And sporadic deficiencies in self-esteem (and chocolate).



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One response to “Angie’s Randoms: What Ifs and a Lack of Buzz

  1. Amanda Marrone

    Wow, you wrote a seriously long book! How many words is your first one?

    I think I’ve got the mid-winter blues, too. I definately need to be eating more chocolate!

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