Susan’s Randoms: The Demons on My Back

Last week, we talked about how we envision ourselves in five years. Well, this week, I’m looking at what is happening at the moment that makes me wonder if I’ll get through the next week. Here are the demons that are mocking me at every turn:

1) I have the copyedits from hell mocking me on my kitchen counter. I just got copyedits on my book that’s coming out in Fall 2009. Every page is marked and Post-It’ed. No surprise there–I’m one of those people who can’t see the mustard in the fridge door, and that translates to me missing a lot in my own work, too (even though I did have ten–10!–readers read the book). But I just got the copyedits on Saturday. And Dutton wants them back Friday. Which means mailing them Wednesday, and oh, did I mention I’m teaching three college-level technical writing classes and taking care of a baby? One foot in front of the other, page by page, word by word.

2) I had major brain farts over the character in my next book–I didn’t know how to set up her background in order for her to go through the story the way I needed her to go through the story. This has been bugging me since I started the dang story back in 2004. Do you know how irritating it is be flummoxed for FIVE years? It’s a good story, though. But that heroine has to be awesome, y’know?

3) I worry about selling the next book as I read about Borders closing stores and used bookstores’ sales going up and some publishers not taking any submissions for 2009. This is why I usually read People and US Weekly. Although, even these magazines are covering those types of stories nowadays. I may need to limit myself to World News and their “My Baby Could Eat Your Alien Baby” stories.

4) I have a website that looks like that fake dog poop you buy at a magic store. It mocks me every single day. I was supposed to get the hubby to revamp it last year. After all, hubby IS a web programmer. Does this mean I get his expertise easily and willingly? Hahahahahahaha. You funny.

5) My back is still messed up, almost five weeks after I threw it out cleaning out the bottom freezer after our ice storm/power outage. This makes it difficult to sit in front of my computer for longer than an hour or two. Then again, it may just be the demons on my back ripping out my spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. (Sorry–been hanging around Amanda too long.)




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5 responses to “Susan’s Randoms: The Demons on My Back

  1. Amanda Marrone

    At least you have a website! My hubby keeps insisting he’ll do mine–for the last four years! I pulled my back out shoveling just before Christmas and it’s not 100% still. Getting old sucks!

  2. Robin


    Thanks for the laugh today. Yes, yes, it’s all at your expense, but you made it funny.


  3. Amanda Marrone

    OH, forgot to add–I’d never condone ripping out vertebrae–too icky. Hearts on the other hand are fair game and come into play in Devoured.

  4. Oh man, Susan, that just plain bites about being flummoxed for five years. By the way, I love that word: flummoxed. 🙂

  5. Hello my lovelies,

    Amanda: Getting old DOES suck. And just for you, I’ll try to work in a beauteously heinous analogy for a heart next week.

    Robin: I am so glad my tears of pain are your tears of joy. At least they weren’t for not.

    Angie: I challenge you to work “flummox” into a sentence a day for the next week.


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