Amanda’s Randoms: Great Big Stuff!

That’s a song title from the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in which Freddie sings about all the things he wants now that he’s realized there’s big money to be had in the scamming game. Big money in the pub business is hard to come by, but like Angie, when I dream, I dream big and here’s what I’d love to happen in five years.

1) Keep on keeping on: I’d love to keep putting one YA out a year. This one is going to be tough to do this year with my middle grade series to write, but I’m crossing my fingers. I can work on multiple projects and give me a deadline and I can crank the words out. I sent my editor three ideas and I’m hoping one or more will stick so I’ll be on goal for 2010 and beyond.

2) Serious series: I’d also love for my series to take off. I have a total of six books planned, so having my editor pick up the next three would be a dream come true!

3) Big Screen: I’d love to see one of my books on TV or up on the big screen. I can’t see my first one doing that, but I could totally see a Revealers mini-series or a Magic Repair Shop movie. In my imagination this is where the big money comes in and my husband can retire early.

4) Quieter stuff: I have several works in progress that aren’t edgy or paranormal that I’d love to have the time to finish—and sell. Surely I’ll find the some time in the next five years to finish one of them.

5) Bought the farm: With my husband, Joe, retiring early and all that money coming in from new books, movies, and TV series, we’ll finally be able to buy that farm in Maine we always dream about and raise Llamas, tap trees and make maple syrup, grow giant pumpkins, and live a quieter life.




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2 responses to “Amanda’s Randoms: Great Big Stuff!

  1. I LOVE your goals, Miss Amanda.

    And giant pumpkins? Who knew!


  2. You told me about the farm dream and I totally love it! You can do it…Amanda, you’re so talented, and REVEALERS would be a perfect TV series IMO.

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