Susan’s Randoms: Five Years Closer to 40

Wow. Just writing that title sucked noogies.

Okay, back to business. In five years, what will the world be like? Will Angelina and Brad have 23 kids and double chins (c’mon, it’s only fair)? Will Mr. Obama be in his second term at the White House? Will Gossip Girl still be on (oh please oh please oh please)? This is how I see me and my writing life in five years:

1) I hope to have 5,000,000 friends on MySpace. Okay, okay. 5,000? Okay, fine. More than the average 18-year-old?

2) I hope to see someone reading my book on a plane/at the doctor’s office/in the line to Space Mountain at Disneyland (I had a friend who did this the entire week we were there–we were such kindred spirits). I think you know you’ve arrived when this happens.

3) I hope to make more friends in the writing world. The 5 Randoms here and my old critique group back in Phoenix–the SSSers–are a very fine start.

4) I hope that my writing life will look more like a business than the hobby-esque feel it currently has. When you are new to mommyhood, teach three university classes online, and are still fighting the baby blahs everyone said would be gone by now, you kind of fit in writing where you can. Luckily (or not so luckily) writing is pretty much my only hobby nowadays, and I’m not what you call a social butterfly, so at least I don’t have to try to work around girls’ nights out. (Geez, I just re-read that. Pathetic much?)

5) Lastly but more importantly, I hope to have more books out than Paris Hilton. And, yet again, pathetic much?



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  1. “Paris Hilton” and “books” just sound so weird together 🙂 I would love, love, LOVE to spot some stranger reading my book somewhere! (clasps hands and gazes to the sky like Anne Shirley)

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