Amanda’s Randoms: The Whirlish Dirvish That is 2009

A new year, new deadlines, and new ways to manage writing, workouts and laundry.  In 2009, I have to revise a middle grade novel, write a second and third, and keep up with the housework. If I’m going to make it happen, I’ve got to get serious about managing my time so I can squeeze in my other goals.

1) Making a list, checking it twice: I used to tease my dad about the lists he was constantly making. Well, the laugh’s on me and I just made my first list. Colored and white clothes now have their own day of the week, and visits to the gym are clearly marked on the calendar along with schedule blocks of writing time. Since I was diagnosed with Inattentive ADD a couple of years ago, this list-making thing is long overdue. Now I just have to make sure I don’t lose the list.

2) Another YA? My YA editor said she’d like another book from me—after I told her about my series sale and the demanding timetable I had for turning each book in. Well, I shot her some new ideas and if I can keep up with my writing schedule there’s a teeny-tiny chance I just might be able to pull it off. (Add to the list that children, spouse, dog, cats, and self are not to get sick in 2009, and look into hiring house elves to do the cooking and cleaning and shopping. Perhaps cloning is another option.)

3) Picture Books: In hopes of breaking into a new genre, I’ve been using this vacation to revise a picture book over and over and over again. There is something very satisfying about spending an hour or two revising and actually getting through the whole text—unlike revising novels, which can take weeks or longer. Keeping the word count under a thousand words means weighing each and every word, and I’m enjoying the whole process very much. Hubby thinks I should be working on my middle grade, but I told him I needed to get this done so when the kids go back to school I can start my 2009 schedule without any “what ifs”.

4) Got Books? 2008 was a very bad year for tackling my To-Read pile. I’ve read less than twenty books this year, and that needs to change. I’m going to examine my list and see where I can squeeze in some more reading time.

5) Internet Woes: I still haven’t figured out the perfect balance between using the Internet and not wasting writing time. To add to this, my YA editor had me open a Face Book account and said I should dust off the My Space one as well. My Live Journal list is also suffering, so it’s back to the list to block out some more time. Once my picture book is ready to go to my agent, I think I’ll have to revise my list to fit everything in.



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  1. This reads more like a wonderful list of to-do’s than resolutions. With a list like this, there’s no need for resolutions! Lots of good mojo going your way to help you with your fantastic list of to-do’s!


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