Angie’s Randoms: Here Comes 2009!

Last year, I saw my dream of selling my first novel come true. 2008 was very good to me, and with my long list of New Year resolutions, I’m hoping 2009 will be, too.

1) Sell my next novel. And since my agent is sending this new middle grade series out in a few weeks, I will have to ditch my “stop biting nails” resolution completely.

2) Receive my revision notes! For any of you following my plight…yes, I am still waiting patiently for those.

3) Read. A LOT. Each night when the house falls silent, I am faced with a decision. Read, or write? I only have a few hours to do either of them before my eyes turn blurry and my mind goes soft. This year, I want to find more time to read all the amazing books coming out in 2009!

4) Figure out my sequel. There is a key element of book #2 that is not gelling. I need to have that “A ha!” moment that usually takes place in the shower so I can get on with it already. Man, my water bill is going to be through the roof…

5) Write the book I’m obsessing about. While I await revisions and the gelling of Resolution #4, I am simmering an idea for another novel. Oh, how I adore my protagonist and the dark, fairytale-gone-bad setting already!



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  1. Both you and Robin have a resolution to read more. I was like you two, and then I got two weeks of freedom from teaching–and I’ve been reading a book a day during this winter break. I love it! It reminds me of those slacker days of grade school, reading from dawn to dusk without turning the light on.

    Here’s hoping I can still fit reading in next week when I go back to teaching AND writing, being with the baby, doing cursory housework (I no longer strive for perfect housework), etc.


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