Susan’s Randoms: New Year’s Reso-lose-tions?

Aren’t New Year’s Resolutions sort of like searching for the Holy Grail or mapping out the Bermuda Triangle? A lot of anticipation attached with high hopes and a healthy measure of good intentions, but ultimately a doomed outting from the get-go? Maybe that’s because we set ourselves up for failure, or rather a lose-lose situation, sort of like saying we’re going to go on a diet and then stocking the fridge with 50 pints of Chubby Hubby? With this in mind, let’s see if I can put down some realistic goals:

1) Write a group blog, or “glog,” in 2008. Check. See, if I do the whole retrospective thing, no way am I messing up my resolutions.

2) Write a new YA in 2008. Check. Okay, okay, I’ll stop and get serious.

3) Update my sad, pathetic, just-this-side-of-a-cave-etching website. I’ve been telling myself that I’ve gotta update that sucker sooner or later, and this is the year, especially with Book 2 coming out in the fall. Methinks readers like a pretty, fun site rather than one that makes them see what’s happening over on in about two seconds flat.

4) Continue to run on my treadmill even during a scary 30-day revision. I was doing so well with the losing-baby-weight thing, and then I got a deadline from hell AND started teaching two new classes and something had to go–and so the powers that be decided it would be my muscle mass. Oy. Learn from my mistakes, people. Exercise, good. Muscle atrophy, bad.

5) Learn the true meaning of “theme.” Sadly, I have to say “theme” has been one of those words that float around in the ether, undefineable and confusing, sort of like “chapter books” and “red dye #40.” This year, I’m going to MASTER it.




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3 responses to “Susan’s Randoms: New Year’s Reso-lose-tions?

  1. Amanda Marrone

    Deadlines are very bad for my figure! I had joined a gym and was doing well until I got my revisions with the suggestion I get them done “fast”. I’m back at it and need to manage my time so I can continue to work out AND get my next book revised.

  2. I am the same way! When something important writing wise is happening, I ditch the gym. We know what our priorities are! 🙂

  3. We need to adopt Robin’s Resolution #5–switch writing for eating! (Then again, it’s hard to go to the computer when everyone’s standing around crackers and dips during a get-together.)


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