Amanda’s Randoms: What I Did as You All Froze

Ice Storm? We got rain. I used to live in New Hampshire and remember being without power for four days, but we had a woodstove to melt the water we needed to flush the toilets—oh, that’s probably too much information. Here’s what I did while my friends froze.

1) Revisions: I was working on my editor’s revisions. I’m so glad I had power because I needed every day to get things done. I always underestimate how long revision will take. “One chapter? I can knock that off in an hour!” Two days later it’s done.

2) Got Cover? My editor sent my cover for my next book!! It’s not the final version, but I LOVE it! Devoured has soooo much stuff going on it, I wasn’t sure what they’d come up with, but this is my favorite cover so far! I’d hate to be the person writing the cover copy.

3) Agents: God bless my agent! She and I had a lovely talk about not trying to sell my next book on a partial. I was feeling burnt out from writing Devoured on a deadline, and I really wanted to finish my next YA before we try to sell it to recapture the ‘fun’ of writing. Lovely agent agrees, and when my husband comes home I joyfully announce agent and I are one the same page. Perhaps I shouldn’t have made this announcement after he’d been traveling up and down the coast for meetings three days in a row.

“Isn’t writing a job? If so, you sit and you write!”

I declined from protesting–pick and choose your fights.

4) Lunch: I’m having lunch with my agent and new editor today! (Yeah, this is random.) I’m a social phobic and I’m so glad my agent will be there as I’ve already met her and know she’d be a great buffer if I’m tongue-tied.  (I have chatted with my new editor so I shouldn’t be worried, but social anxiety is hard to kick!)

5) Books: During the last week I bought more books that I don’t have time to read. I can’t help myself.




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3 responses to “Amanda’s Randoms: What I Did as You All Froze

  1. How’d the lunch go, Amanda???

    And don’t you love when the hubby gives his not-helpful-whatsoever input?


  2. Amanda Marrone

    Lunch was wonderful–lots of laughs. My poor agent has been without power for a week now and hoping to get it back on today.

  3. Oh Amanda, I’m so excited for all your projects going on! I cannot wait to read Devoured. I won a copy of Revealers, and I’m entering every contest you have for Devoured!! Glad lunch went well 🙂

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