Angie’s Randoms: Ice Storm Entertainment

I can’t complain about lack of electricity or heat like the others—I only lost power for 12 hours and I have a wood stove to keep my house nice and toasty. I entertained myself and the two wee ones very simply those 12 hours.

1) Colonial-style tea. In desperate need of caffeine, we went down into the cellar to the woodstove and set the teakettle on top to boil water for tea. It got me thinking about how cushy my lifestyle is because of electricity. Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t have it, and that was half the fun of reading the Little House on the Prairie books.

2) Dance at Grandpa’s. No, we didn’t hitch up the horses to the sleigh and ride through the Big Woods to grandpa’s house. I read a “My First Little House Book” picture book to my girls in honor of life sans electricity. Even at ages 3 and 5, they were fascinated, and asked me to read it a few times.

3) Plenty of Day Dreaming. With nothing much to focus on, I got a lot accomplished in my head on the next YA I am developing. No one could fault me this time for staring out the window with a blank expression!

4) Knitting. Laurie Halse Anderson suggests that every writer/illustrator take time away from their craft, but to still be doing something to enrich the creative side of their soul. For me, knitting is one of those things. Being able to create something tangible, something useful, something people might admire, often leaves me inspired to do the same with my WIPs.

5) Research. I
’m reading Two Years Before the Mast as research for EVERLASTING revisions, and for the sequel as well. Reading often takes a back seat to actual writing for me (unfortunately), so I was more than happy to sneak some in before the power kicked back on and I had to reluctantly return to freelance work.



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