Robin’s Randoms: Reading Vampire Stories in the Dark

I admit that I kind of like it when the power goes out—as long as it’s only for a short time.  This time we only went without power for 24 hours, which I consider just enough time to appreciate the beauty of our modern world.  It also gave me the opportunity to do a few things I haven’t done in a while.

1) I read Time magazine cover-to-cover without skipping the hard to understand or painful to read articles.
Usually I read it from back to front, beginning with the gossipy Top 5 list, then I read the arts section, then I read who died, and then the essays and articles.

2) I read Uninvited, by our own Amanda Marrone, by flashlight. Reading a vampire book at night without the hum of electricity to keep me company was risky, but I made sure I had my bodyguard with me (snoring next to me actually) in the case of uninvited visitors.  BTW, it’s the perfect teen book for your vampire-loving teens.

3) I let the laptop and iPod batteries drain early on into the adventure.
This was painful at first, but worth it when we all found our books and got into the rhythm of reading.

4) We slowed down. We read aloud to each other when we got to funny parts, or scary parts.  We talked about what we were reading instead of rushing through and getting on to the next task on our list.  It was quiet enough to think.

5) We listened to the radio. It was getting late so we closed our eyes and stretched out by the fire.  The guest on the show was a doctor who lectured on the value of humor in healing.  We laughed and talked about it.  What’s interesting is that it’s vivid in my mind.  Still.  Very interesting.



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  1. Oh my God, I thought I was the only one to read magazines backwards! And I’m with you–I always start with the entertainment section. Great minds, m’dear, great minds…


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