Susan’s Randoms: Ice Storms & Inspirations

Ice Storms Suck

Ice Storms Suck

Hi all. The Randoms experienced an ice storm these last few days, and luckily, all of us got through it with minimal issues. True, Susan had to throw out about $150 in milk, eggs, condiments, and frozen organic berries and had to go to a neighbor who had a generator when her own house reached 43 degrees and thought maybe the baby needed heat over a fifth layer of clothing. Robin and Angie had power issues, too, and Miss Connecticut Amanda was blessed with a lower latitude and only got rain. But that doesn’t mean we all didn’t still work on the craft while we cursed ice, fallen tree limbs, and power-dependent wells.

1) I bought $40 in batteries so I could read by lantern light. I was in the middle of a great book I’m getting inspired by when the power turned off for 48 hours. Our only light? Lanterns that powered themselves on four AAs for about two hours a pop.

2) I stole my husband’s Blackberry to see if my agent’s e-mailed me her colleague’s thoughts on my next story idea. Okay, I didn’t exactly steal since I did it right in front of him, but I still felt rushed (mainly because he kept telling me “Get off fast. There’s only so much juice on there. Why didn’t you power up your cell phone? I tell you all the time to power up your cell phone, but do you listen to me? No…” And that’s when I tuned him out).

3) I lost a great intro when I lost power. I wrote it in a text document rather than a Word document, so nothing was automatically saved. Argh! Me and my ADHD way of writing with twenty Windows open and writing on the first thing that my computer didn’t take forever to open (it takes forever to open Word when I have twenty Windows up, by the way)…

4) I’m wondering how these experiences are going to make themselves into future books. Like going to the laundry mat with the husband and baby and having a man who heard voices getting way too close to my baby’s breathing space. Or like the ice melting off the trees around my house and pelting my house with up to four-foot chunks, like one big gnarly hail storm. Or like playing with my daughter by lantern light at 4 p.m., and her not even noticing it was dark. Or bonding with perfect strangers at various locales (restaurants, grocery stores, Internet cafes, aforementioned laundry mats).

Them: Still no power?

Me: Nope. Still no water?

Them: Nope. Trying to keep warm?

Me: You betcha.

In Tandem: This sucks.

5) Lastly but not leastly, I missed Friday’s interview because, well, it’s hard to post when the computer’s dead and your fingers are starting to grow numb in a 43-degree house. So we’re going to have TWO interviews this Friday: Eileen Cook (What Would Emma Do?) and Marlene Perez (Dead is the New Black). Take that, Ice Storm!


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One response to “Susan’s Randoms: Ice Storms & Inspirations

  1. Robin


    Your photo is beautiful!

    (I was shocked with how quickly my laptop died. I think it’s time to get a spare battery. )


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