Angie’s Randoms: Gift Giving Blues

This year, I’m way behind on my Christmas shopping. Too many people, too few ideas. Without any MG or YA readers to buy for, I don’t have the opportunity to showcase my opinion of what makes a great book. But really, MG & YA are great for adults, too.

1) Harry Potter. This would, of course, be for someone who has not read the books, but may have seen the movies. And with the Half-Blood Prince hitting theatres this summer, it’s just not right to have watched almost all of the movies and not read a single sentence from JK Rowling. Come on, cheaters!

2) Hunger Games. I might be Suzanne Collins’ best advocate ever when it comes to this book. Who cares if it’s YA? This book could be a great purchase for adults and teens alike. Wow. All I can say is WOW.

3) Little Women.
Yes, it’s ancient, but it’s a classic, and now that you can buy it from Aladdin Paperback Classics, you could even pair it up with Anne of Green Gables and give an even more literary gift for less cha-ching.

4) On Writing, by Stephen King. No, it’s not a MG or YA book, but this would make the best gift for a writer of any genre or age group. I gleaned so much from this sucker, it isn’t funny–though, surprisingly, Stephen King is.

5) Ophelia.
Lisa Klein’s novel based on the character in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is a true work of art, and would be an adventurist twist for any young (or older) fan of the Bard.




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3 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: Gift Giving Blues

  1. Amanda Marrone

    I was going to recommend Hunger Games but saw you beat me to it. I’m dying for the sequel to come out! I’m a stickler for making my kids read or listen to a book before they see the movie. That backfired once though. I read Stuart Little to Max before the movie came out and he was so disgusted with the end that he refused to see the movie. (The book ends without Stuart finding his bird friend.)

  2. Well, I almost refused to see Twilight after being so disappointed in Breaking Dawn, so I can sympathize with Max 🙂 I *did* end up seeing the movie, and strangely, it left me feeling almost the same as I did after finishing Breaking Dawn…
    Did you ever get Suzanne Collins’ signature??

  3. Amanda Marrone

    I didn’t–only because my friend has my copy of the book–she wouldn’t say ANYTHING about the next book–as per her publisher’s orders.

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