Robin’s Randoms: Thankful for Editors, Space, Jobs & the Internet

I love Thanksgiving because of its simplicity. We gather together and feast and think about what we’re thankful for in our lives. This week we’re focusing on what we’re thankful for in our writing lives.

1) I’m thankful for my first editor.
When I sent BURIED out it was turned down at first, but I pretty much begged my Dutton editor to take a second look at it. I took her comments to heart, rewrote it, and sent it to her again. We went through this process several times off contract before I got an offer. I’m thankful for her willingness to do this. I learned a lot from her.

2) I’m thankful for my second editor. I had heard that every time a writer gets published they worry they’ll never publish again. I laughed at this. That’ll never happen to me! Ha, ha, the joke was on me. Life got complicated and I didn’t get anything out until last summer. I am SO thankful for my new editor.

3) I’m thankful to have a room of my own. I used to write in my bedroom. My desk was next to my husband’s desk. He likes quiet and I like rock and roll when I write. I also like to sing… He built me some beautiful cabinets, shelves, and I have a lovely desk. I know not everyone has their own space, so I am very thankful.

4) I am thankful for my teaching job. I am lucky to have a job and even luckier to have a job that keeps me in the writing world. I get to read and write with kids every day!

5) I am thankful for technology. I can’t even believe I said that because I am so lame is this area, but my laptop is amazing, and the Internet has allowed me to do and see things I wouldn’t be able to without it because I live so far from everything.



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  1. Robin, you really *do* live so far from everything! It’s a gorgeous spot though, I’m envious. Thank goodness for the Internet 🙂 And I am thankful today because BURIED arrived from Amazon yesterday!! I’m reading it this long, holiday weekend 🙂

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