Susan’s Randoms: The Powerful, The Freaky, & The Upside of Titles

This week, the Randoms talk about titles. Right now, I’m going back and forth with my publisher about the title of my next book. So it’s weighing a little heavily on my mind right now, the meaning of a title and what it can do for a book (or heck, movie).

1) The Earth, My Butt, and Other Large Round Things, by Carolyn Mackler. I mean, c’mon, what girl hasn’t thought this about her butt?

2) Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. One word, and without reading the story, meaningless. After reading the story, pretty friggin’ powerful.

3) The Silence of the Lambs, by Thomas Harris. Before you read the book (or watch the movie), you’re like, “Okay, weird title.” After you read the book or see the movie? “Okay, bone-chilling title.”

4) If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond. You just automatically finish that saying in your head, and it’s such a great, fun visual. And this is definitely not a title you’ll be hemming and hawing over at the B&N kiosk, going “What was the name of that book again?”

5) The Upside of Anger. This is a movie, but I just love, love this title and how it makes you think, “You know what? Yeah, there is an upside to anger!



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