Amanda’s Randoms: Being Freaked Out at 7 A.M.

I’m back! Thanks for taking over for me the last few weeks, Maggie! Well, the plan was to have Devoured handed in last Monday; instead I called my agent—close to tears—to say it wasn’t done.  I hadn’t been slacking off, I’d been working nonstop, it just wasn’t finished. Let me say I have the most wonderful agent in the world; she talked to my editor and I got some extra time—phew! Here’s some randomness from my burnt out mind.

1) All books are different. Since writing Revealers was a piece of cake, I assumed I’d figured out some neat trick to writing, and all future books would be easy as pie, too. Yeah, no. I’m not sure if it’s because there is a lot of dark, emotional stuff going on in Devoured where as Revealers was more face value fun, but this book is kicking my butt! My agent read the first 138 pages a week ago, and I was so relieved when she gave it two thumbs up. I’ll send my editor two hundred pages tomorrow and then finish the last couple of chapters.

2) Sometimes you need to walk away. After my agent talked to my editor, I took Monday off, and then Tuesday, because I had a hair appointment (made when I was sure the book would already be done, but kept because agent encouraged me to do so) and then there was the election. Well, it was amazing how much better I felt working on today—-guess I needed some time to regroup!

3) New Books!
We only got the offer today, so I can’t talk too much about it, but I have to have three middle grade books handed in by September of ’09. Granted the first is already written and just needs to be revised, but my time line for handing in the books is a little scary!

4) Social Networking: My editor told me to get dust off my My Space account and join Facebook. If I’m going to be writing, blogging and whatever it is one does on My Space and Facebook, I’m definitely going to need to schedule my time wisely. So what does one do on Facebook?

5) Boo! One of my critique partners read a chapter of Devoured and emailed me at 7:00 Tuesday morning to say, “I am officially freaked out and it’s only 7:00am!!!!!!” I guess it’s a good thing she didn’t read the chapter at night, but I was glad to hear it had the right affect. Or is it effect? I’m too tired to figure it out!




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3 responses to “Amanda’s Randoms: Being Freaked Out at 7 A.M.

  1. Robin

    Random Responses:

    1. Yes, she is Awesome Agent Extraordinaire.
    2. Friend me on Facebook!
    3. It’s effect.

    You sound great. It must be the haircut;-)

  2. Samantha

    I love your books. you should think about making a movie someday Amanda i would love to see your work on the big screen.

  3. Amanda Marrone

    Thanks Samatha, hopefully some movie producers heard you!!

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