Robin’s Randoms: The Election, New Editors, and Apple Pie

I’m beat.  It’s Election Day.  No, Election Night, and I’m feeling emotional.  My eighteen year old son just cast his first vote in a presidential campaign.  Although that’s a big deal, I’m feeling more random than reflective right now.

1) I made two apple pies for an election party.
One was French apple pie because I wanted to be a global and American and the other had a peace sign cut out because I wanted to be peaceful.  They were beautiful AND delicious.

2) I’m enjoying my 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students who are very aware of current events and have learned to debate. They play by the rules, disagree, argue their point, and still remain friends.  Wow, they’re smart.

3) I’m going to talk with my new editor on Friday.
I’m VERY excited.  I’ll spend some time rereading SNAPSHOT and compiling questions to ask her.

4) I’m reading Amanda Marrone’s UNINVITED. Way to go, Amanda!  It’s my bedtime book, so I read it right before I go to sleep.  It takes me right back to high school when friendships were intense and relationships were sometimes dangerous.

5) Right now I can hear the network anchors discussing the early election results, my boys and their friends horsing around in the living room, and my husband scooping out some more stew from the crock-pot.
They are random sounds that make me feel happy, no matter the outcome of the election.



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