Angie’s Randoms: Meds, Revisions, and Obama

As I write this, the world still didn’t know who was going to be our next President. So, instead of celebrating prematurely, I’ll focus my Randomest Randoms on other stuff. Like:

1) Meds are good things. After battling a sinus infection on my own for five days, I broke down and went to the doctor’s for real meds. I kept telling myself, people have dealt with sinus infections for hundreds of years without prescription drugs, and so can I! Silly really. There was Medical Revolution for a reason.

2) Revisions Bite. I’m revising my second book per my own revision ideas, and the second draft is slow going. I can’t believe how messy the first draft was, and I want to change so many things, and finding out how to organize everything is more complicated than I anticipated. And the meds aren’t helping.

3) Obama’s Grandmother Passing Away Really Bites. I mean, ONE day before her grandson becomes the President Elect…how sad is that? I can’t stop the chills and sadness over this.

4) Twilight Fever. My best friend recently read the whole Twilight series and is pumped for the movie. So much so that she recruited me to go with her the day after it opens—we even bought our tickets already. And now, we’re going to be even bigger Twilight Nerds and get t-shirts. Mine will say “Boys in Books are Just Better” and hers is “I’m Betting on Alice.” Oh, come on, it’s funny!

5) The Discovery of Facebook’s Chat System. OK, so now that I know I can go to Facebook and see which of my friends is online and then shoot them an IM, I am on there all the time. This is YET another procrastination device I seriously did not need.



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