Susan’s Randoms: Post-Revision Stress

This week, the Randoms are talking utter randoms. Enjoy!

1) My brain is so foggy, I can’t even think about how to start a random list of randoms! I blame it on the cold weather/my baby’s cold/the aftereffects of revision hell that ended two weeks ago. Maybe it’s post-revision stress?

2) I made my baby dress like a literary character this Halloween: Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I will cherish this mental picture when she’s sixteen and wants to dress like a slutty fairy.

3) I was reading the November issue of The Writer, and in an old interview they reprinted with Barbara Delinsky, she states that storytelling isn’t just about writing a story–it’s about writing a particular story. Sage words. I mean, how many of us envision the story we want to write, but then settle for the story we actually write?

4) Speaking of The Writer, I’ll be in it in the December issue. Pick one (or 10) up!!!

5) Between the brain fog, two classes, a baby with a cold, a hubby with a cold, and new story percolating in my brain, I’ve been reading at an almost kindergarten rate. I’m lucky to get in three pages before I fall into a saliva-leaking state. But the book I’m reading is awesome–Long May She Reign, by Ellen Emerson White. It picks up six months after Long Live the Queen ends, even though LLTQ was written about two decades ago. Thank you, Ellen, for this LONG awaited sequel!




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2 responses to “Susan’s Randoms: Post-Revision Stress

  1. Susan, do you have an article in the Writer, or are they doing a feature on you? How exciting!!

  2. I wrote December’s Breakthrough column, which talks about first sales and the like. It was fun to write–made me remember my years as a magazine/newspaper writer/editor.


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