Robin’s Randoms: Selling Another Book & Watching a Pay-Per-View Movie

I’m still giddy!  My agent sold Snapshot, my second YA novel, to Holt last week and can barely contain myself.  I feel a little like I did when I got pregnant with my first son.  Instead of running up to everyone and telling them I’m pregnant with my second book, I celebrate in other ways.

1) Eating out: I don’t usually go to restaurants, but I do for special occasions.  I happened to be at a conference when I got the good news about Snapshot.  I ordered room service and watched a movie without guilt, but it wasn’t very exciting, so I think I need to go out with friends.

2) Flowers: My sister sent me a big bouquet of sunflowers when I sold my first book.  They’re such a happy flower.  When I got home from the conference, I got a bouquet of sunflowers for the kitchen table to remind me of the sale.

3) Presents: When I sold Buried, I bought my husband and each of my sons a present.  I’ll do the same this time, too.

4) Home improvement: Because of Buried, we have a cool looking shower instead of a tub with a screw on a hose for rinsing my hair.  I know what I want, but I can’t say it out loud because I’m afraid I’ll jinx it.  (It has something to do with stinky frozen foods and frozen lettuce.)

5) Clean house, clean slate: I’m a little like Susan with letting the house go.  When I’m into something I ignore everything else.  I’ve been cleaning, sorting, tossing, and touching things up with paint and I feel ready to get back to the book.




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7 responses to “Robin’s Randoms: Selling Another Book & Watching a Pay-Per-View Movie

  1. Robin,

    I forgot about the gift part of things! Sadly, my husband just wants me to sign over the check for pesky things like mortgage and oil bills. But when I sold my first book, I bought myself a loverly tanzanite ring. I barely wear it, but it’s nice to think I’ll have a story to go with it when I give it to my daughter. :o)


  2. Congrats on the sale! That’s awesome! 😀

  3. Amanda Marrone

    Congrats on your sale again!!!! Um, I’ve been puzzling over the “stinky frozen food and frozen lettuce” and I am clueless!

  4. Robin

    Thanks for the congrats everyone!


    Let’s pretend we’re playing Hangman.

    a new r _ f _ _ g_ r _ t _ r

  5. Amanda Marrone

    Ah, the f— is malfunctioning. I took as you were looking for an appliance that would freeze lettuce and such–of course I’ve been staying up until 1 AM to write lately, so I’m a bit muddled!

  6. I totally knew what you meant, Robin. I have a new
    f_ _ _ _ _ (don’t want to jinx you, Robin) that I’m still learning the settings on and I end up with frozen milk in the back of the f _ _ _ _ _ and sweaty Popsicles in the f _ _ _ z _ _. I once had a f _ _ _ _ _ in a rental that liked to defrost on the first and second shelves of the f _ _ _ _ _. What a f%$#*@! mess! :o)


  7. Robin

    you guys crack me up… like an ice cube

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