Susan’s Randoms: Sleeping, Cleaning, and $16 Ravioli

This week, we’re talking about what we do to celebrate writing goals–be it finishing revisions for our editor or getting a great Amazon review. Do we rent a Lear jet and cruise to the Caribbean? Or do we finally scrub the day-old Cheerios off the baby’s food tray? Let’s read on to find out…

1) I sleep. When I’m under deadline, I don’t sleep much. And when it’s two days before deadline, I’ve been known to go to sleep at 5 a.m. So when the deadline’s over? I sleep, and sleep, and sleep like a Sleeping Beauty who hopes that dang prince will NEVER find her.

2) I buy a new writing book. I am always on the lookout for a great book that will give me the universal key for writing a bestseller. My last one was a Writer’s Digest book on revising and editing. The next one? Writing for Emotional Impact.

3) I clean the house. I think I’ve mentioned before that when I’m under a deadline, certain things tend to slide (like cleaning) and my bathrooms rival one of those you’ve seen at a creepy roadside gas station. I never thought I’d be glad to get out the Lysol and toilet brush, but that’s what being a grown-up with responsibilities is all about. And trust me, taking off in a Lear jet to the Caribbean wouldn’t sit well with me if I knew my house still had gas-station-disgusting toilets.

4) I get on the phone. When I found out I sold my first book, the “call” came in the form of an e-mail and it was around 1 p.m. on a Tuesday sort of day (I can’t remember the exact day, but let’s go with Tuesday). Anyway, I had to call my husband. And then my mom. And then my mother-in-law. And then my sister-in-law. And my critique partners. Actually, I think I called my CPs between the mom and mother-in-law. I was on the phone a lot. And it was won-der-ful.

5) I go to a fancy restaurant. This happened when I quit the day job at a trade magazine and started working as a fiction writer full time. Sure, we were down a paycheck worth (insert muttered words here said with a hint of wistfulness during these economically trying times), and nothing says one-less-paycheck than a hundred dollar meal. But this was the start of me living a dream. And that was worth some $16 butternut squash ravioli.




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5 responses to “Susan’s Randoms: Sleeping, Cleaning, and $16 Ravioli

  1. Robin


    I love the idea of buying I new writing book to celebrate! It’s kind of like giving back, or refilling the well. I think I’ll do the same.

  2. Amanda Marrone

    I celebrate by buying a book, too! Usually YA, though.

    Even though my book isn’t ready to hand in, I broke down and cleaned the toilets last weekend–they definately had that gas station feel you described. My children are getting a little upset about the lack of clean clothes in their drawers. Every morning I have to fish through the laundry baskets in my room to find outfits for them.

    I can’t wait to hand this book in!

  3. Robin–Definitely paying it forward with the book buying. I do sneak in a YA book, too, but it’s usually from the library. I buy the nonfiction books since there’s a whole lot of dogearing, underlining, and highlighting going on.

    Amanda–You have the army of laundry baskets in your room too? I don’t know where, but I remember watching TV when I was younger and wondering why in the heck there were so many laundry baskets with unfolded clothes in someone’s master bedroom. I used to think “What pigs!” And now all I’ve gotta say is “Oink oink.”


  4. Amanda Marrone

    I had to keep buying laundry baskets–we now have five–so it can be quite cluttered. I do fold clothes right from the dryer into the basket now so at least stuff doesn’t get wrinkled any more.

  5. See, I keep the “hangables” laid out flat on top of the baskets. But then the husband digs through them, looking for underwear, and wrinkles his shirts and pants! But I have a standing rule that I don’t iron his stuff–he’s a Web programmer and goes to work in jeans and “I Fart in Your General Direction” t-shirts (Monti Python). He can iron those if he wants. Personally, they look better wrinkled.


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