Robin’s Randoms: Homeschooling, Arm Wrestling & Communes

I have a couple of characters nagging me to pay better attention to them.  One is from a book being considered by an editor and her name is Kendra, and the other is my new one, Faith.  She’s fresh and full of herself, but untested.

1) Kendra: Why am I in this godforsaken limbo? You’ve left me here at a critical point, only to be sent off to the land of editors.  Is it safe?  Do these people love me like you do???

2) Faith:  Hey, this is not cool. You say I’m the main character of your newest novel, but you are barely skimming the surface.  Deeper, girl, GO  DEEPER!

3) Kendra:  Remember when you told me we’d get a new camera as soon as you got your first paycheck? That’s come and gone, and I know for a fact that your piddly little digital broke during the arm wrestling competition at your retreat.  So, let’s go shopping.  I’d like something with a nice zoom lens.

4) Faith: I think I want to home school myself and I think my mom is going to agree. When I said something about it she looked relieved.  If I stay home she won’t have to leave work to pick me up when I have my spells.  What do you think?

5) Hope:  My daughter, Faith, will not have to go through the misery that I did. That’s why I’m moving to Spring Hill Commune in Franklin County.  We’ll grow our own foods, and live without chemicals, and best of all we’ll live without judgment.



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