Amanda’s Random’s: Happy Birthday Robin!!

Er, I mean, I’m happy talking to my characters. Um, actually, I’m not currently happy conversing with my characters, but here it goes.

1) Fiona: Fiona, you popped out of nowhere when I was revising for an editor on my middle grade. I love you, but I’m still not clear how much you need to know about my mc’s magical abilities in the first book—or second or third.

2) Raphael: You knew about the magic repair shop in the previous draft, but now??? With the shop’s new location, do you know about it, or will you discover it with Maggie?

3) Darcy: You are getting a much bigger part—do you deserve it? You’re a total know-it-all—@#$%–blech! How did you get a bigger part?

4) Fiona: I already talked to you. What? You want to go to Scotland in that book you didn’t exist in before? Fine! Put a kilt on, you’re going, but be prepared for things to get rough!

5) Revealers is out!!! Here’s what one reviewer said:


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One response to “Amanda’s Random’s: Happy Birthday Robin!!

  1. Robin

    Hey, thanks! For a minute I thought I was a character in your book. Now that would be a good present!

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