Robin’s Randoms: Books, Myths & Movies

I wish I could go back and do it over because despite the anxiety and angst I love these 5 random things about high school:

1) Dressing up to read and write. I loved the kilts, the bulky sweaters, cords, and scarves I used to wear in preparation for the chilly fall days.  It takes a knobby tweed to read the classics, don’t you think?

2) Great Expectations. I fell in love with Dickens in Freshman English while everyone else moaned and groaned through class.  I loved that story.  Oh, the drama!

3) Greek Myths. They rock.  They rule.  I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm for the myths in fifth grade and I couldn’t in my sophomore English elective.  Why wasn’t everyone else into them?  Was I weird?  Not cool?

4) Tudors and Stuarts. That was the name of my favorite class in the fall of my sophomore year.  My history teacher was amazing.  He did slide shows and told long winding stories with blood, guts, love, hate, affairs, and great plots.  He also taught Westward Ho.

5) Making a movie. My mother could see I was losing my way and encouraged me to write (helped me write) an essay so I could take a special filmmaking class.  It had only 6 kids and I learned to make a super 8 film about the beach and its beauty and the pretty waves.  It wasn’t a great movie and wasn’t real deep, but of all the things I remember about high school, that one class was where we got to be ourselves and experiment and that meant the most.  I have vivid memories of creating. That says something about learning and teaching.




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2 responses to “Robin’s Randoms: Books, Myths & Movies

  1. Amanda Marrone

    The film class sounds fun! The only Dicken’s I’ve read is A Christmas Carol, which I liked. I’m pretty behind on the ‘classics’. I’ve read A Scartlet Letter, Moby Dick, and Wurthering Heights–I think that’s it. (And I read Scarlet Letter during my summer in France, and Moby Dick in my 20’s.) I am apparently missing out on this whole Jane craze–what with the books and movies and people endlessly blogging about her, I guess I should pick up Pride and Prejudice one of these days.

  2. Robin

    Or just rent the BBC mini series with Colin Firth. OMG…

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