Susan’s Randoms: Oh, Sweet Days of Yore

This week is all about the five best things about high school. And no, iPhones and text-cheating were not invented yet.

1) Graduation. I had been planning what classes to take in college since eighth grade. I was ready to get out as soon as I got in. (Ere go the exchange program junior year.)

2) The Career Lab. This is where I got the lowdown on scholarships and essay contests, which I was OCD about. This is also where I got to type up my papers, since I didn’t have a computer at home (this was back in 1990, just after the wheel was invented). The Career Lab was a home away from home for a school nerd like me.

3) Most of my English teachers: Mr. T, Mrs. C, and Mr. A.

Mr. T was my ninth grade literature teacher. He taught me to love To Kill a Mockingbird and Puddin’Head Wilson and The Days of Wine and Roses and to hate Animal Farm (I spent Memorial Day Weekend creating a video with Tchaikovsky and hand-drawn pictures depicting the key scenes in this book–all so I could get my B+ up to an A).

Mrs. C was my 10th grade literature teacher. She taught me to love the plays of Shakespeare and hate Watership Down.

(Junior year, I was in Sweden. I would like to thank the Swedish refugee teacher for helping me read Steinbeck’s The Pearl in Swedish, cover to cover.)

Mr. A was my 12th grade rhetoric teacher. He taught me to love researching what goes into great writing. (Sounds boring but trust me–it was fascinating.)

4) My drama teacher, Mr. C., who was conveniently married to the above Mrs. C. He was also the Academic Decathlon teacher. I was always 10 minutes late to that 7 a.m. class, and he never once gave me detention.

5) Being clueless. On a previous Random, I talked about being over-booked with clubs and sports and honor classes. As a result, I was always on a bus to away games or at practice or studying or washing postal trucks (thank you, Key Club). So I didn’t know who was drinking or smoking or snorting or sexing. I actually couldn’t even imagine it–after all, if I was so busy, wasn’t everyone else? That’s why I was in a bit of shock in 10th grade when my best friend from elementary school started getting fatter and fatter and I found out she was pregnant. She had sexed? Whoa………..




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6 responses to “Susan’s Randoms: Oh, Sweet Days of Yore

  1. Amanda Marrone

    Awe–I liked Watership Down. I didn’t read it in class, and it’s been a looooooong time since I read it, but I remember liking it–though I was suprised how violent bunnies could be!

  2. I haven’t read Watership Down…I’m so out of touch 🙂 I read and subsequently forgot about Animal Farm, so I obviously didn’t like it either. The novel I did LOVE in high school was The Handmaid’s Tale!

  3. Amanda Marrone

    I liked The Handmaid’s Tale, too! I can still vividly recall a few scenes in Animal Farm–I was sad when the deep-sixed the old horse.

  4. I did love The Handmaid’s Tale. I think I just had a problem with manipulative animals. I hated The Rats of Nimh, too, in elementary school.

    Oh great. Now I’ve gone and given myself the subject of my nightmares tonight…


  5. Amanda Marrone

    Susan, I picked up Black Tuesday last night to start to read and had to laugh at your mc having trouble getting into Animal Farm!

  6. I tell ya–Animal Farm left a lasting distaste in my mouth. And I totally forgot that was Jayne’s “yuck” book. :o)


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