Angie’s Randoms: Me as a Teen in 5 Words or Less

OK, OK, not less than 5 words since this is the FIVE randoms and I need to blog in 5’s. Now that Susan has completely put me to shame with all her “exchange student” and “teenage Republican” talk, here’s how I’d sum up my teenage self in overly honest words:

1) Uninvolved. You know the girls who joined a club or the class council for the first few weeks of the school year, posed for the yearbook photo, and then up and quit? You know the girls who didn’t do anything other than go to school and then go home to watch General Hospital and Oprah in order to expunge the memory of their tedious day? Yeah. That was me.

2) Oblivious. I’m sure there was a bunch of world events going on while I was a teenager, but to be honest, I didn’t much care. The world revolved around me and me alone. I know it sounds awful, but I told you I was going to be honest.

3) Best Friend. My friends meant the world to me, and I remember being completely torn apart whenever I’d have a fight with one of them, causing weeks, sometimes months, of cold shoulders and gossip. I laugh now at how ridiculous the arguments were (I once broke contact with one of my oldest friends for two years because she said my Prom hairdo looked like a rat’s nest). But back then, everything was just so dramatic and important.

4) Hindered. I worried constantly about what other people thought of me, how I looked, if I was smart enough or pretty enough, etc… Why did I do that to myself? I was always in awe of girls who just “were.”

5) Waiting. I couldn’t wait for high school to end and for college to begin. I viewed those four years as just a means to an end—I needed to survive it in order to move on into the real world. I felt like I was just waiting, waiting, waiting for the moment when I could blow that Popsicle stand and really set out to discover myself.




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2 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: Me as a Teen in 5 Words or Less

  1. Amanda Marrone

    You 5 pretty much sum up my experience, although I was in the theatre group–awesome parties. Um–maybe I can just cut and paste most of your responses to mine. ;>

  2. OH! I did the drama club!! I totally forgot about that. No, I didn’t act, but I did the make-up one season. That was fun. Look at that…we match 🙂 And yes, the drama club parties were fun 🙂

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