Robin’s Randoms: An Unfat, Melodramtic, Daydreaming, Artsy “Utlander”

When I was a teen there was definitely drama, but I was no drama queen.  Instead of making a scene, I went to my room and wrote wispy poems and gazed out the window.

1) Melodramatic:  I thought, for a while at least, everything was a very, very, big deal.
The wrong look from someone, or a certain tone in someone’s voice, a phone that didn’t ring when I thought it should, all could send me to my room where I’d cry, sniffle, sigh, fall faint, and write poems that would make me sigh and fall faint all over again.  Woe was me…

2) Unfat:  I wasn’t skinny so I can’t use that word, but I wasn’t the fat hog I thought I was, so why was I so obsessed with being fat? I was unfat.  When I look at pictures of myself as a beautiful, normal, 1970’s flower child, I have to wonder why so many of us girls (now and then) waste time trying to be model thin.

3) Utlander:  Utlander is Norwegian for foreigner. Actually, I think it translates to out-lander.  I, too, lived in another country for a year.  When I was 19 and 20 I lived in Seljord, Norway, at a folkehogskule where I took weaving and carving and spoke fluent Norwegian.  Snakker du Norsk, Susan?  Jeg prater bade litte.  Glempte meg…

4) Daydreamer: I spent much of my childhood and teen years daydreaming.  I think it was prep for writing.  I daydreamed melodramatic stories that I sometimes wrote in my journal, and daydreamed through math classes, and even during social situations in which I felt inadequate.

5) Artsy:
Sewing, knitting, cooking, ceramics, silver jewelry, writing, and photography were all things I did during my teen years.  I was always creating something and I think making stuff up and making stuff is good and creative.

Thanks, Amanda!  It’s nice to look back and remember some of what wasn’t angst ridden.



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3 responses to “Robin’s Randoms: An Unfat, Melodramtic, Daydreaming, Artsy “Utlander”

  1. Jag kanna förstå en lite Norske. Mer än Finländare!

    So cool, Robin! I got to go to Oslo once, but I stayed mainly in Sweden, in a little town called Falköping.

    And, OH MY GOD, I too can’t believe how unfat I once was. And how I obsessed over how un-model-like-skinny I was.


  2. Still a teenager, and still daydreaming! I can tell when I’m ill, because it makes me incapable of daydreaming. Why am I ill?

    Probably a malevolent spell from a WITCH.

  3. Amanda Marrone

    I was a huge daydreamer–still am. A writer friend once asked me if I did well in creative writing classes and I said I never took any. I hate being told what to write, and writing prompts leave me feeling paralyzed. My handwriting was also really bad, and my hand hurt when I wrote more than a page, so I did very little writing. (It’s pretty obvious I grew up in a time without computers.)

    I did day dream A LOT, and my friends and I would become characters–or use dolls for storylines that would go on for months,so I like to think that was my practice plotting and such.

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