Amanda’s Randoms: Teenagers, Book Clubs, and Deadlines—Oh My!!

School starts today, and this means my days are freed up to work on Devoured without the endless distractions that come from having two kids home and too much company visiting.

1) Teenage Woes: My son will turn thirteen next week, but he adopted the smart-alecky/sullen teen persona months ago. The unnecessary comments have been flying fast and furious this summer, and those directed at his little sister then produce loud squabbles that are not conducive for getting writing done.

2) Good news! My editor emailed me today to say that Revealers will be the October Teen Book Club selection for the Books-A-Million stores. Uninvited was February’s selection, and I’m thrilled they picked Revealers, too! Of course this means I have to write the discussion questions today and not work on Devoured.

3) Deadlines: Me fretting about my upcoming September 30th deadline didn’t elicit much sympathy or cooperation from dear son, but it’s kept me up worrying at night! I know I got a lot of work on Revealers after the kids went back to school last September, but there’s this constant underlying dread that I won’t finish in time. Sometimes selling a book on a partial can lead to some stressful times.

4) Cockroaches: One less distraction I’ll have is my hissing cockroaches—the last one died this week. RIP old girl. In a sort of related bit of randomness, I’m not pleased with our new crayfish. Our first crayfish, Brenda, was always wandering around chasing fish and escaping from the tank and a mad hunt to find her before she dried out would ensue. Crayfish number two, Maude, had an amusing habit of charging towards us waving her claws wildly around and was an excellent hunter. Raphael, our newest, is pretty boring and mostly sits under a rock—he hasn’t even molted yet. Blah.

5) More Randomness: When I picked my son up after a visit with his cousins on Cape Cod a couple of weeks ago, we drove by author Edward Gorey’s house located on Strawberry Lane. I couldn’t help but think Strawberry Lane sounded far too cheery for the author of such macabre books such as The Gashlycrumb Tinies—an alphabet book detailing the untimely deaths of small children—to reside.




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16 responses to “Amanda’s Randoms: Teenagers, Book Clubs, and Deadlines—Oh My!!

  1. Val

    Oh please tell me I don’t have #1 to lok forward to.

    Since I have to use the word witch, I’ll just say my SIL has been a witch lately’ Ugh.

  2. Amanda Marrone

    I’m totally bummed about what’s become of my sweet, talkative boy. Every once in a while he’ll be his old self, but the moody and broody behavior seems to have taken over. He’s so struggling with wanting to be independant at school, but not quite there yet. Sigh.

  3. OMG! I love Edward Gorey! You are so right, Strawberry Lane does NOT fit! :^)
    Congrats on the October Teen Book Club selection! Yay!
    Wasn’t sure if I needed to leave the witch poem here or there (your LJ) – so I am doing both.

    Witches dancing in the night, creeping
    o’er the stony wall – listen, listening
    ever plotting to enthrall.

    Twirling ’round, clad feet patter,
    darkling arms a-sway. Chanting low – loud
    and louder, shrill and fay.

    Tumble down a’pile, billows in
    black satin sinks. Murmurs – giggles
    muffled magick, grins and winks.

    Layed on velvet pillow, softly, safely
    sleep tonight. Witch ball hangs – secure
    in window, never fear nor fright.

  4. Brenda

    I hope I’m in the right place…I can’t wait to read Revealers! I love witch stories and these witches sound very, very interesting!

    So much so that after reading the little tidbit in the back of Uninvited, I went out the next morning to buy my copy of Revealers! I was so excited about the book, I didn’t even realize that it hadn’t been released yet! grin…

    I guess you could say I was under a witch’s spell…

    Lilfix (blueboards)

  5. Amanda Marrone

    “Witch cockroach died” LOL Brian. I never did get around to naming the roaches like the crayfish–it’s easier with the crayfish, though, because we only get one at a time. I guess I should have named the last cockroach–hmmm–what are your girls’ names?

    Lilfix–thanks for making my day!

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your last cockroach. And here’s to hoping that your son turns into one of the “cool teenagers” I like to hang out with at my library. (They have the best book recommendations.)

    Congrats on the book club selection! I’ve just put Revealers on my wish list and reminded our youth services librarian to order it. 🙂

  7. Amanda Marrone

    Thanks so much Alana!

  8. Laura

    I am here to enter again with the word, WITCH!

    Congrats again.

    and my deepest sympathies on the loss of your hissing cockroach.

  9. Amanda Marrone

    Thanks Laura!

  10. Sigh…I am not looking forward to when my daughter gets to that stage. Though she seems to be getting a head start of it for the last two weeks thanks to her school friends. I swear it is my mom’s curse of me having a child just like myself with the snark and sarcasm. You have my sympathies. The good news is they DO grow out of it…most of the time.

    Since I have to use the word to enter the contest, I have to ask will any of your books have witch in it? I am currently reading your first book is why I asked. Ironically, my mother-in-law bought it thinking it was an “oprah” book and thought the cover was awesome. She enjoyed it, but figured I would like it better as I am into those “weird vampire/paranormal/urban fantasy” books.

  11. Amanda Marrone


    Oprah–I wish! I wonder what book she thought she was getting?

    Anyway, Univinted is more about the life of a troubled teen with a vampire thrown into the mix, while Revealers is a straight paranormal. Five teen witches hunt demons, vamps, and such for their coven thinking they’re doing the world some good. What they don’t know is their coven has a secret darker than the monsters they’re hunting.

  12. Kathleen

    RE: 1- Yikes. I know I could be quite a little witch when I was that age… Hope you (both) get through it soon enough!

  13. What a lot of witch responses. I feel a little bad for only having discovered any of this today, but am also very excited to belong to an expanding potential audience. And…witch books? Almost as good as homicidal fairies. Oh, I do love stories

  14. Lucinda (a perfect witch name!), I’m even later than you.

    Amanda, you keep crayfish & hissing cockroaches? How very Edward Gorey of you 🙂

    I kept La Escalera, a preying mantis from our garden, one winter, hoping she’d make it until spring. She was such fun in our window although she tried to eat my finger.

  15. Won’t you stop by the witch’s hut?
    She’s been waiting for you.
    Have a cup of Witches’ brew,
    While she cooks her pumpkin stew.
    Won’t you come and sit for a spell?
    Make a wish in the wishing well.
    You never can tell!
    This witch could make your wish come true!
    Black cats, fuzzy bats
    Spiders with sticky webs,
    Spooky chants, a broomstick dance,
    Crescent moon smiles as the sea tide ebbs.
    Won’t you stop by the witch’s hut?
    She’s been waiting for you.

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