Angie’s Randoms: Muddled Randoms

Ever had a week when you were slammed with so many things you just couldn’t figure out how to move forward effectively? Yeah. Been one of those weeks.

1) Migraine Redux. Last Tuesday I got a mega-migraine and lost all function, reducing my household into a toddler’s free-for-all. A whole week later, and BAM! Another one is sneaking up on me as I write this. Tylenol. Where’s the Tylenol? Oh no. I think I emptied the bottle last week.

2) TBR Pile Overload. My need to read ebbs and flows, and this week the tap’s wide open. I have four books I simply MUST read RIGHT NOW because they look so good. On the list:


BLACK TUESDAY, by our very own Randomite Susan Colebank


VIOLET RAINES ALMOST GOT STRUCK BY LIGHTNING, by my “agent sistah” Danette Haworth

3) A Plan Blown To Bits.
Original plan: to write the sequel to EVERLASTING this summer, set it aside for a long time while working on revisions for aforementioned book, and then come back to sequel with a fresh outlook. Not to be so. Let’s just say I had no idea my editor would want to see the first 50 very clean and shiny pages of the second book, um…gulp…in a few weeks.

4) Another Call for National Agent Appreciation Day. Why? Because mine loves the middle grade mystery I sent to him just a few weeks ago, and is sending me revision notes next week!! EEEEEEEE! That’s all I have to say about that.

5) Blogger. I’m a total addict. Is it wise to have two personal blogs and one group blog (aka The 5 Randoms)? Let’s just be thankful that I won’t be getting into Vlogging for quite some time, if ever. Boy I know how to procrastinate.




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5 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: Muddled Randoms

  1. According to the newest issue of Writer’s Digest, what we do here is “Glogging” (group blogging). So actually, you’re only addicted to two blogs and one glog. :o)

    Awesome, awesome news about the mystery!

    And the migraine? I feel your pain, sistah. I feel your incredibly excruciating, incapacitating, please-kill-me-now pain.


  2. Glogging is not an attractive term.

    Have you tired Excedrine Migraine? Works much better than plain Tylenol.

  3. Glogging?? No way, that is too funny! I love it. Hello, I’m Angie Frazier and I’m addicted to Glogging :0)

    OK, Excedrine Migraine? I’m up for anything. Thanks!

  4. Amanda Marrone

    Lessons was really good–and I have Black Tuesday in my pile, too!

  5. So sorry about the migraines! I can’t even handle a simple headache, so I hope you are doing better.

    If you’re feeling behind in reading, try having two years’ worth of books to catch up on. (Well, actually, it’s a nice position to be in! All those books…I’m already planning my third trip to the library this week.) I just read Bewitching Season this week, and really liked it. Happy reading!

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