Amanda’s Randoms: Heroines, Young and Old

When asked which heroines I’d like to spend a day with, two came immediately to mind—the others were discovered as I looked through my bookshelves.

1) Anne Shirley, of Anne of Green Gables: I adored reading about Anne’s adventures on Prince Edward Island. As a closet thespian, I think Anne and I would’ve gotten along famously, and I would’ve told her Gilbert was harboring a secret crush so she could’ve forgiven him for his “carrots” remark much earlier in the book!

2) Leslie Burke, of Bridge to Terabithia: Having spent much of my childhood in the woods behind my house with my best friend Cindy, pretending to be cat/human hybrids and talking to our “dead cat grandmothers” in an old tree, I think Leslie would’ve made a wonderful friend because she wouldn’t think I was crazy. I’m not a big re-reader of books, but I’ve read this one many times over, and I cry like a baby every time. I still remember reading this book to one of my classes, and handing the book over to a student to finish because I was crying so hard.

3) Karana, of Island of the Blue Dolphins: I would’ve loved to spend some time with Karana on the island. I’m an introvert and love being alone—not that I’d want to be as alone as Karana was, but the way she made a life for herself and then befriended the wild dog, Rontu, I completely lost myself in this book. I admire her resilience and ability to forgive.

4) Dorrie, of the Dorrie the Witch series by Patricia Coombs: I discovered Dorrie when my son, Max, was young. We related to her messiness and mismatched socks and loved her ability for getting out of situations her own mother, the Big Witch, couldn’t have because she just wasn’t paying attention like kids do. Hanging out with Dorrie would require keeping your eyes and ears open and having a fun time messing around with the Big Witch’s potions in her secret room in the attic with her cat, Gink. (Max named his first cat Gink.)

5) Aunt Sally, of The Trolls: Aunt Sally is a total hoot as she spins tales of her life in Canada but “The Trolls” chapter in the book really got to me. As kids, we do so many things without thinking—and don’t always realize what effect these actions might have. Aunt Sally is someone whom I’d love to have over and have her tell her stories to my kids to help them recapture the magic they once had.



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  1. I loved Bridge to Terabithia, too. Leslie’s character was so well done. You and Robin both talked about Island of the Blue Dolphins…I need to read this one!

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