Angie’s Randoms: Stuck in the Past

I’ve read some great contemporary fiction, but in searching for the top 5 heroines I would love to spend a day with, I found all of my picks were characters from historic/historical novels. It’s not surprising I mostly write historical fiction.

1) Anne Shirley, of Anne of Green Gables. Oh the predicaments we would get ourselves into! I can just see her dragging me into a load of trouble, all with very fine intentions of course. Mostly, I’d love the opportunity to meet Matthew Cuthbert. I loved the touching relationship he and Anne developed.

2) Jo March, of Little Women. Coming from a family of 3 girls and no brothers, I think Jo and I could find tons to talk about. Jo is headstrong and full of dreams, and I’d love to spend just one day sitting in the center of her very full family, listening to them. And Laurie—I would definitely want to meet Laurie.

3) Laura Ingalls Wilder, of Little House on the Prairie.
I must agree wholeheartedly with Susan’s post on Monday that spending too much time with this pioneering heroine would make me feel incompetent. The books chronicling her family’s life out West were some of my favorites as a child, and I’m thinking I need to do a little catch-up reading with Half Pint sometime very soon.

4) Gemma Doyle, of A Great and Terrible Beauty. Gemma can take me into her world of stuffy Victorian boarding schools and exotic, dangerous realms any day of the week. I’d be OK with playing the part of Felicity for a day, and then totally stealing Kartik out from under Gemma’s nose.

5) Because I don’t have a fifth pick… I’m going to relay the choice of a good friend of mine. I told her the blog this week was going to be about characters we’d like to be for a day, and she didn’t even hesitate to say “Helen Keller.” I have to say, that is one bold choice. Her reasoning? To be able to experience the world in a totally new way, even if it’s scary beyond belief. Wow.




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3 responses to “Angie’s Randoms: Stuck in the Past

  1. Robin


    Anne Shirley is my #1 pick too! I read some of her dialogue in a workshop I did because she is such a strong character. She is so pure Anne Shirley she can’t be anyone else. Now what do I write for my #1???

  2. Amanda Marrone

    Angie, I was going to pick Ann for my first choice, too!


  3. So funny!! Go ahead and use her as your first choice still–I’m sure we all have different reasons for loving her 🙂

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