Amanda’s Randoms: The Big WIP Questions

As I struggle to finish my WIP before my September deadline, several question run through my mind every day—

1) Why is it so hard to open the file? Seriously, the deadline is coming up fast, so why don’t I have Devoured open all day/every day to work on in between trips to camp, mowing the lawn and tracking down the electrician? Why do all of the other things get top priority? I feel like summer has so many things going on, and I need to get all the loose ends tied up before I can focus on my work. The problem is, something new always pops up, and kid number two is always “bored.” Sigh—kid number two’s best friend will be gone all of next week.

2) Why are Ryan’s scenes so hard to write, but when Luke shows up things flow? Some characters I know as soon as I type their names, but others take a while to show their true colors. I’ve never been one to ask my characters questions—I just listen to them talk—only Ryan is practically a mute! I figure I have a few more chapters to go before I’ve wrapped my head around Ryan and why Megan likes him, because right now I’m not so sure.

3) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall? I’ve been thinking about my magic mirror. It’s in the prologue, but wasn’t going to appear again until the end. I’ve been toying with a way to work it in more—I mean, what fun is a Snow White story without the obnoxious mirror? The problem is, my main character can’t discover its true nature, so how to fit it in? I’ll have to keep mulling this one over. Hopefully I’ll have an epiphany on one of my dog walks.

4) Why do I have to have two other stories banging around in my head wanting to get top priority? One just needs a quick revision for an editor, one really needs to stay on the back burner until at least late October—so why are a bunch of my GhostWalker characters chatting away while Ryan is still on some sort of holiday?

5) I wonder if my main problem is performance anxiety? What if I can’t write another cohesive story? I keep asking myself why I didn’t write the whole thing before I sent it to my editor? What’s going to happen in those gray areas between the scenes I’ve already planned in my head and the ones I’ve yet to envision? I keep telling myself that all of those gray areas disappear when I start a new chapter—they did with the first two books, but what if they don’t this time? Stay tuned.




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5 responses to “Amanda’s Randoms: The Big WIP Questions

  1. Amanda,

    I keep my file open constantly–to the point that my computer starts to get palpitations (the Internet gets finicky, other programs take forever to open) by Day 4. But it definitely helps having that document open and the Internet shut down as I “wake up” my computer over the course of the day.

    About that mirror problem. Maybe someone can be a conduit for the mirror? Sort of like Ginny was with Tom Riddle’s diary in Harry Potter?


  2. Hmmm… sounds like Ryan needs a swift kick in the pants. 😉 Good luck getting him talking!

  3. Isn’t it strange when some of our own characters confuse us?

    In the story, does Megan also struggle with why she likes Ryan? If so, your own struggling might add depth and honesty to that story line. Good luck with it!

  4. Amanda Marrone

    I think I figured out the mirror stuff, but yes, Angie, Megan does struggle with why she’s staying with Ryan–he’s got a best friend–a girl–who keeps getting in the way.

  5. It never fails that a million other ideas sending sprout when you are working on something that needs to get finished.

    But I always have more than one story floating. The ones that last usually end up better for having stewed a bit.

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