Susan’s Randoms: Did I Remember to Turn Off the Oven?

When you’re a writer, it’s inevitable that you talk to yourself. And when you’re on deadline, this quirk starts looking more and more like Multiple Personalities. Here are five questions I ask myself as I work on my books:

1) If I clean my desk, will I get more work done? Inevitably, my desk gets pile after pile of stuff on it–the lawn bill, a coupon for a baby clothing store, four bottles of Poland Spring with varying amounts of water in them. I clean the desk, and for a few days, I feel like my mind is clearer and my heart is lighter. Then the cycle starts again.

2) I wonder if there are haunted houses in New Hampshire? For a book I’m working on, I’m playing around with the idea of ghosts. I’ve TiVo’ed about 50 episodes of Ghost Hunters, but I think I’m ready for actually going to that haunted hotel I’ve been reading about in the White Mountains. As long as I get to bring a few flashlights and my childhood teddy bear and a supply of Depends, I’m good to go.

3) What does Christina Ricci look like with blonde hair? My protagonist had Christina’s features. But now I’m leaning toward Alexis Bledel.

4) Do I suck as much as I think I do? This springs up about five times a day at the moment, while I struggle with getting the tone just right in my next book. When I’m in the midst of a project, marathoning toward the finish line, I only think this thought every other day.

5) Did a cat just throw up again? I have two cats that have problems with gorging on their food and water to help hack up a hairball. If I’m lucky, they’ve aimed for the hardwood. And since I’m the one who’s up so late, I’m usually the one grabbing the paper towels and the scrub brush.



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